Pack Activities

Pack 87 has a robust schedule of yearly events. Families are encouraged to take a "smorgasbord" approach to choosing which activities best fit their liking and availability... 'tho we love to see all our scouts at our weekly meetings!

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Mt. View Family Parade!

Mt. View Family Parade, 2010

Weekly Meetings Weekly Meetings
Pack 87 meets weekly (excluding certain holidays and school breaks). We meet on the back patio, 'Pancake Room' or front foyer of the YBA Hall, MV Buddhist Temple. Currently, the majority of meetings are all-pack, with one or two den breakouts per month.

At meetings, the cubs work on advancements and skills such as knot tying and knife safety, plus: crafts, woodworking, leatherworking, pumpkin carving... 'Cubs Cook' is a regular feature.

TUESDAY MEETING TIME: Every Tuesday starting at 7:00pm, ending between 8:00 and 8:30pm. back to top
Cub ranks Awards and Advancements
The pack holds an award evening once a month, or quarterly depending on what the cubs have accomplished. Advancements in cub scouting are earned and go by grade/age. Cubs are promoted to the next level in late-Spring or early-Fall. New scouts may join at any time and earn the Bob Cat badge and the appropriate cub rank badges.
Belt loops, beads and Webelos awards are earned both with the pack and outside of scouts with the family. See the Links page for more information on Cub Scout awards.

The traditional BLUE AND GOLD dinner is held every February to celebrate the 'Birthday' of Cub Scouting. Pack 87 holds a fun-filled evening: folk-singers and snake handlers have been some of the special fun!
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Camp Takima Cub Scout Camps
Pack 87 regularly participates in Cub Parent Weekend camping events and encourages families to check out the many exciting council-led camping opportunities-- weekend campouts, Spring-break and Summer day camps are regularly offered along with overnight Summer camp for Webelos. See the Camps page for more details.

Registration for Spring and Summer 2011 is going on now!
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Popcorn Popcorn
In the Fall of the past few years, Pack 87, has elected to sell Trails End Popcorn to raise money for expenses. Along with Pack dues, Popcorn revenue covers: registration costs, Boy's Life Magazine subscriptions, re-chartering, event fees, craft materials and awards. Popcorn sales are not mandatory.

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Derby Cars Pinewood Derby
Every March, Pack 87 scouts spend several meetings building super cool mini-derby cars and then the race is on! The fastest car down the special derby track wins! Overall winners (by rank) go to the big all-council race!

Always one of the most popular cub activities!!

For information on cars, rules and more, check out the official BSA website Pinewood Derby.

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Holiday Dinner Temple/Community Events
Pack 87 is chartered by the Mt.View Buddhist Temple. We are priviledged members of the Temple community and as such we are invited to participate in the many cultural and fund-raising events held each year. A favorite event is the yearly Holiday Dinner held by the Fuji Club the night before the traditional making of Mochitsuki. All Temple scouts gather for a special December Turkey dinner--a delicious and delightful community building event!

Obon Cubs also participate in the Temple's famous OBON festival in July. Families are welcomed at the annual festival that features great food, carnival events, cultural exhibits, crafts and performances, plus much more! Cubs volunteer to help with the Hoopla booth--a great opportunity to engage with the public and learn new skills!

Webelos (4th and 5th grade scouts) are encouraged to volunteer for Troop 87's Temple service projects that involve such things as table set-up, food prep, food distribution (Chicken Teriyaki sales), flag ceremonies, etc. This is a great way to ease into the routine of 'service hours' that are both part of Boy Scouting and many high school programs.

The Pack also participates in Mt. View community events such as the annual Spring Family Parade, and various flag ceremonies (Little League, 911 Commemoration...)

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